Parent Information

Parent Information

Athletic Information


The fee is used fo help offset the cost of running the athletic program.

The student athletes may go and get physicals at:

Action Health Center
Cost: $20.00
Down town North Pennsylvania
Phone number: 221-3400

Make checks payable to CCS for the athletic fee.

JV Volleyball Coach Rachel Hartley, Volleyball Assistant Coach Brooke Johnston,JV Basketball Couch Alex Golden and Basketball Assistand Coach Evan Titus.

2016-17 Basketball & Volleyball Season Rules & Information Thank you again Alex Golden and Rachel Hartley for coaching again this year. Special thanks to Evan, as assistant coach, and Jeana Golden, as athletic coordinator, for volunteering again to work with athletics at Calvary Christian School. We would like to welcome Brooke Johnston as the assistant coach for volleyball. There is a lot of work and pressure involved in these positions but they view it as an honor to work with the student athletes of CCS. PRACTICES All practices will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30am for basketball & volleyball. Occasionally days will vary but students will be notified ahead of time. If a player cannot make it to practice, please contact Jeana Golden at 317-441-4224. Jeana will get in touch with the coach to let them know your child will not be attending practice. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Calvary Christian School Athletics on Facebook or contact Jeana Golden at 317-441-4224. GAME DAYS/PLAY TIME On game days, players are not allowed in the gym unless a coach is present. If they stay after school, they will have to go to after school care (or McDonalds, etc.) until their coach arrives. We will do our best to get your student playing time, but we cannot guarantee it. The effort that is given in practice will determine how much your student plays. ATHLETIC ELIGIBILITY If a player has two Dís or one F on a report card they will be placed on Academic Probation (AP). Students on AP will miss three games or a full tournament and their grades will need to be brought up to Cís and above to be eligible to play once again. A player must attend practices and games during the period of the AP. If they choose not to attend then they are off the team for the remainder of the school year. If a team member receives a detention there will be consequences in practice. We expect our athletes to excel on and off the court; school should be their first priority. Charles Barcus Athletic Director